TGXC Ecosystem

Group 18

Research and Development Centre

Our R&D centre in Seoul is focused on overcoming technical limits of blockchain technology to allow users in the ecosystem to enjoy security, transparency and trust in the digital assets that they own

Group 23

Financial Services

TGXC maintains a team of professional traders to ensure stability of trades conducted on the Touch gold exchange, utilising artificial intelligence, robo-traders and algorithms to give the greatest advantage to users

Group 4

Custodial Services

Through our network of partners that transacts and store physical assets such as gold, we are able to ensure the assets are securely stored and accounted for through proof-of-ownership to give users confidence that each securitized token is backed by real assets

Group 13

Healthcare Services

Lux Bio Exchange is a partnership between TGXC and REGEN Medical Group, the leading medical service provider in South Korea. Our goal is to help users achieve the balance of life with wealth and good health through our suite of offerings, including stem cell therapy, gene analysis, aesthetic improvements, and other services

The ecosystem is expected to grow in the future to include a larger suite of services for users such as gaming.

Touch Gold Exchange Platform

TGXC Touch Gold Exchange - Ecosystem

The Touch Gold Exchange uses blockchain technology to create a platform that provides actual value to users to exchange fiat currencies, real assets and cryptocurrencies in a secure and decentralised manner

The Midas Touch

Real Asset links with Blockchain Cryptocurrency

TMTG is the native utility token in the Touch Gold Exchange ecosystem launched on the Ethereum Blockchain. In the future, TMTG tokens will be swapped on the mainnet for higher performance transactions.

ERC20 Smart contract address: 0x10086399dd8c1e3de736724af52587a2044c9fa2


Utility of TMTG Token

Staking by Partners

For institutional partners to join the TGXC network, they must stake TMTG tokens to obtain benefits. The larger the amount of tokens staked, the greater the benefits

Conversion into Physical Assets

TMTG tokens can be converted into physical assets (e.g. TG tokens which are backed by physical gold) at prevailing spot prices provided by the oracle system implemented with partners

Payment for goods and services

We are expanding our network of partners to include various merchants and vendors who will accept TMTG tokens for real world goods and services such as gift certificates

TG’s Advantage


Gold is stored in our trusted partners who have an established track record in serving as custodians

Group 12


The gold owned by our partners is audited to ensure that each TG token is backed by physical gold

Group 11


Through our established trading resources, we are able to provide competitive spot prices for transactions


TG tokens are divisible up to 18 decimal places, allowing you to transfer small amount of gold anywhere in the world


The gold can be redeemed directly from our custodial partners in store or delivered directly to you