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Web and App Development Blockchain Development

  • C++, Socket, Threads
  • Java/Spring, Javascript/Node.js
  • SQL, Redis, SA/DBA
  • Solidity/Truffle
  • Hadoop


UX/UI Design

  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • UX/UI Design
  • Basic knowledge of web accessibility


Blockchain Planner

  • Blockchain Planning and Data Analysis
  • Storyboard and UI/UX Planning
  • Homepage and Project (other than platform) Planning


Cryptocurrency Marketing

  • Blockchain Project Community Management
  • Various online campaign experience
  • Online marketing channel management
  • Online marketing activities and
    performance management
  • (BM: Blockchain Project Management/Blockchain Project Manager)


HR Finance/Procurement

  • HRD
  • HRM
  • Labor Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Payroll Management
  • Labor
  • Personnel Management

Recruitment Openings

Blockchain Full Stack Developer

Are you passionate about cyber and security challenges in information technology, associated with threats and vulnerabilities? Are you a subject matter expert looking for an enriching experience to build your career and brand? If you are interested in a role that offers an opportunity to provide front line support to our clients instead of a “back office programmer” position then Government & Public Sector (GPS) and Cyber & Strategic Risk


Cryptocurrency Marketing

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