TMTG Signed Business Agreement with DragonEx

Dear TMTG community,

TMTG Enterprise HK Limited, the operating company of TMTG token has signed a business agreement with DragonEx on 23rd June 2020. DragonEx is a global virtual asset exchange based in Singapore and has more than 3 million users across 32 countries and has its network in North America, Europe and Asia.

The agreement between TMTG and DragonEx is to enable TMTG as a base pair for trading Bitcoin (BTC) margin trading on the DragonEx exchange. In general, when trading margins on global exchanges, it is common to use local currency or USDT as the base pair for trading. Hence, for DragonEx to support margin trading of BTC using TMTG is something truly unique and a testament to the stability of TMTG tokens for trading.

A TMTG official said, “If TTMG is used as a futures trading method for Bitcoin through an agreement with the global exchange DragonEx, the demand for TMTG will increase rapidly. The Foundation continues to pursue business alliances with global companies to promote TMTG.”

TMTG trading on DragonEx will be available from 30th June 2020.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to delivering greater heights and further exciting developments for our community members.


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