TMTG Signed Business Agreement with Haechi Labs

Dear TMTG community,

TMTG Enterprise HK Limited, the operating company of TMTG token has signed a business agreement with Haechi Labs on 24th June 2020. Haechi Labs.

Haechi Labs is a smart contract audit firm and specializes in discovering potential vulnerabilities in smart contracts before they can be exploited to ensure security. It has proven technical expertise and has provided blockchain solutions to leading Korean companies such as SK Telecom, LG Group, Shinhan Bank and Kakao GroundX.

TMTG Enterprise HK Limited holds several domestic and foreign patents relating to digital gold trading and we are leveraging on blockchain technology to develop a safe and secure gold trading platform to digitize gold and enable storage in digital wallets.

The agreement between Haechi Labs and TMTG Enterprise HK Limited is a technology agreement which will provide users with reliable and secure services when using TMTG’s DApp and digital gold trading platform. Security is ensured by implementing Haechi Labs security solution and wallet solution for security of our users.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to delivering greater heights and further exciting developments for our community members.


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